Elixir scent café

Welcome to our Elixir scent café. At Saigon Elixir we enjoy perfume and scent but also love a good cup of coffee.


It is a great place to meet and relax in a unique ambiance while a classic coffee menu might be of your attention. Besides traditional Italian coffee there is a selective range of open house wines and refreshing teas, juices available.


The Elixir scent café is accessible for our fans, clients and available upon reservation. For all our students and course participants the café is available as well. A perfect moment to relax prior to the course as well as for afterwards with nibbles to discuss amongst a glass of wine the experience. Our dimmed lightening creates a luxurious ambiance for a perfect evening out.


On celebrative occasions, such as birthdays, valentines or mothers day we do afternoon or high- tea parties. A true tea discovery of perfumed and aromatic teas guided with small finger foods. For further information you can connect with the concierge or ask us on the next opportunity.

The Amazing Course

A perfect balanced and informative approach to discover more about perfumes and scents and the well-kept secrets behind. From understanding how to smell, learning to identify ingredients till a time travel through history. This course is interactive and provides all aspects to gather knowledge which you can use in daily life. This course is suitable for beginners, semiprofessionals as well as celebrative occasions.

There is much to learn about historical fact, methods and purposes in perfumes history, at this course we will dive deeper and provide useful knowledge to understand more about the today’s perfume and scent industry. Precious and raw materials are available in this course to really see, touch and feel and smell these ingredients. Of course, once discover single scents and perfumes it is time to mix and match your own.


Course contains:

  • Historical facts
  • A guidance through scent families, notes
  • Discover various raw ingredients
  • Perfume Mixing & Matching and bottling techniques
  • Practical information about how to apply scents
  • Handout materials and additional tools are provided
  • A break in between – access to variety of coffee, juices, wines and more


This course is perfect for curious individuals, or friends to attend together. It is also suitable for celebrative occasions and groups. The course is a perfect meet and greet with likeminded and drinks are served at our mini bar afterwards to complete the event.

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