Tet Gift Set – Lotus Oil



Choosing from our wide collection of perfumes for Tet holiday can be difficult – But no more. Acquaint yourself with our lotus selection designed specially for Tet holiday.


The Tet gift box – Set lotus contains a selection of 3:



More masculine, for him – it goes perfectly for in the morning


Sparkling champagne, for her – perfect for a party gathering and standing out


The best of both, you choose – or in other words, bring air, floral scent with you when you go on family new year’s visit.


  • Bottle capacity: 5 ML
  • Bottle type: Roller bottle glass
  • Content: Perfume oil
  • Type: 3 PCS of – 5 ML bottles
  • Use: Collectors Item, As a Tet gift





Story behind the lotus

The lotus growing periods can be understood as a representative of five characters: Purity, Cleanings, Demureness, Intactness and Perseverance.

The lotus grows from dark marshes to get above the water surfaces to receive sunlight and fresh air, but it is not stained by dirty mud which represents -Purity. When the lotus has fully grown, it purified the water around itself, which represents – Cleansing. The large lotus flower lets off an elegant, aromatic fragrant scent – Demureness – but no insects will come into the flower to take its nectar – Intactness. And despite the hard conditions of its development, the lotus still blooms into gorgeous flowers on the lakes, which represents – Perseverance. These are the deep messages which Buddhists recognized and what we at Saigon Elixir, hope you memorize while seeing a lotus flower.


Happy Tet’s Holiday

During the Tet holidays, families gather, visit relatives, give good congratulations, celebrate the age and worship ancestors. With the many representations the lotus flower has, Saigon Elixir created a beautiful HOLIDAY GIFT BOX with the finest lotus fragrances for a perfect celebration of the new year.


Tet Gift Set

The HOLIDAY GIFT SET has the best water flower set Saigon Elixir can offer. The general scent of lotus flowers is, Intense, Floral and Sweet Bouquet, with Lotus Seed and Nutty, Almond base notes, the TET HOLIDAY GIFT SET brings cleanness, fresh air and certainly flowers the start of your new year

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5 ml