A fragrance for every occasion

This article will show you how you can have different fragrances for different occasions, all within a budget of just 1.5 million. Dressing up for an occasion is a normal thing to do, but with a matching perfume, you add the finishing touch and there is no need to spend a large amount of money on that.

You can consider using perfume quite similar to the way we use clothes: different occasions require a different look to make a good impression. This means different clothes, hairstyles, shoes, and make-up for the ladies. But often the fragrance is forgotten while not all smells are suitable for each occasion. Here are 4 common occasions and their matching fragrance.

Date night

During a date you want to impress your date not only with your personality, but also with a subtle, warm smell. A fragrance that you like is good, but for a warm, cozy and romantic night we suggest a fragrance like White Oud. The warm notes from oud and sandalwood would be perfect for your date.  A second date is almost guaranteed!

Hot summer day

When the weather is hot, especially in Ho Chi Minh city, it is good to have a refreshing fragrance – like a summer breeze. This means that a citrus or fruity type of fragrance is the best for the hot part of a summer day. For this we recommend:


With the fresh notes from lemon and verveine flowers, Verveine gives you a refreshing and cool feeling that will sparkle up your day. Though typically used by men, Verveine can be used by women just as easily.

For women we suggest Blueberry Musk.

With the berries and fruity musk scents, Blueberry Musk brings you the sweetness and refreshing feeling that is so needed when the sun is at its strongest.

A formal work meeting

During a meeting or any occasions where you need to dress up in formal attire, you should try a subtle smell that expresses confidence and strength. For that we recommend Sandal Absolute. One of our best fragrances in the Woody Family. The Sandal wood scent from Sandal Absolute is a perfect match with your formal suits. Very easy and suitable for the office atmosphere.

Spiritual slowdown time

Finally, when you want to slowdown yourself or do spiritual activities, you want to remove distractions and get close to yourself and to nature and the universe. For this we recommend Jasmine Absolute. With the floral scent from jasmine, your soul would be cured and you can feel yourself merge with the universe. We believe that Jasmine Absolute would be a partner for you on the journey to discover yourself.

As you can see, fragrances are a necessary part to complete your look and create the impression that you want to create. With just 1.5 million vnd you can make your fragrance collection become more versatile. Feel free to contact us for more information. Check out our showroom at 280C13, Lương Định Của, An Phú Ward, District 2, Saigon.

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